Reviewing the Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag Eyeshadow Palette

Lunar Beauty is the baby brand of  Youtuber and Influencer, Manny Mua. The first and only release so far from his brand is the ‘Life’s a Drag’ eyeshadow palette, an eyeshadow palette inspired by drag queens and drag culture.

When I first saw the release of the palette online, I was initially a bit underwhelmed. As a follower of Manny, I felt like the drag queen theme was not suited to his current aesthetic, and that he may just be playing into the pop-culture boom that is RuPaul’s Drag Race. I was also surprised that there are only 2 shimmery/foiled shades in this 14-pan palette, which although is unique, I just personally love shimmer and would’ve loved to see more. Thirdly, though packaging is the least important to me, I find that the inner packaging is very tacky-looking and just does not appeal to me.

Despite this, I did a poll on my Instagram, and it seemed like a lot of my followers really wanted a review on this, so I gave in and went onto Beauty bay to purchase the palette (£37).

As you can see, the palette comes with 12 mattes and 2 foiled shades, as well as a dual-ended brush with a flat side and a blending side. I understand the magic mirror look Manny was going for with the play on the word ‘queen’ but I personally do not like the look of it. The palette itself is also very bulky and wouldn’t be easy to travel with. On the other hand, I really like the layout of the palette, with neutrals on one side and colourful shades on the other.

Above are swatches of the top and bottom rows. Now, I really wasn’t expecting to like this palette but I was really blown away with the pigmentation of this palette. Every shade in the palette, with the exception of the shade ‘Kiki’ has really amazing pigmentation!! ‘Shady’ and ‘Cakeface’ are both really good black and white shades, and a little really goes a long way. My favourite shades are ‘Beat’, a shimmery pink, and ‘Kai Kai’ a bright hot pink.

Here is the look I did inspired by Wesley Benjamin Carter’s look. I saw his video on Instagram and had to recreate it since it looked like a real challenge! Most of the shadows worked very well, with the exception of a few shades such as ‘Trade’ and ‘Snatched’ which I actually found a bit difficult to blend. I actually used the dual-ended brush and found that the packing side actually performed well.

I’ve definitely got a lot of mixed feelings on this palette, so you’re probably thinking, should I get this? Is it worth the money? I honestly do enjoy this palette a lot more than I thought I would. I like how pigmented the shades are (*In Manny’s voice* sooo pigmented) are I do like the setup of neutral and colourful shades. If it’s worth the money, is really up to you!

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