Reviewing the Kathleen Lights X ColourPop Zodiac Collection

If you know me, you know I LIVE for new ColourPop launches, but I was super excited when I heard that they were collabing with Kathleen Lights again! This collection is inspired by the zodiac and astrology, which is really fun and very true to Kathleen and her passions. The collection consists of a 12-pan eyeshadow palette, 2 supernova shadows, 2 super shock highlighters and 2 lux lipsticks.


Let’s start with the main attraction- the eyeshadow palette. First off can I just say I LOVE the packaging with images depicting the different signs on top of the navy and the black?! And I love how each shadow name has the sign next to it! If you’ve watched Kathleen’s video, you’ll know that each of the shades was created to represent each astrological sign, whilst still trying to create a cohesive palette. Kathleen also mentioned that it works well in combination with her first eyeshadow palette, the Dream St palette (review here). At first glance, your eye will immediately gravitate towards the more bold colours, but if you were to remove them you’d notice that you have all your necessary neutrals as well.


Swatch time! Do you think your shade corresponds to your sign? When I first watched Kathleen’s video I was praying that the Virgo shade (my sign) wouldn’t be just a plain old brown, since Virgos are stereotyped to be practical perfectionists. Much to my dismay, it is literally an earthy dirt-brown shade 😦 Although there are some interesting pops of colour, I think the palette is really cohesive and there are lots of colour combinations you could make without needing to use any other palette.

On the eye, the shadows performed overall very well with blendable matte shades and smooth metallic shades. One note I have is that I wish the Sagittarius and the Virgo shades were richer so that they could be used to really deepen up the outer eye and create a smokier look. I also noticed that when using the Pisces shade, there was a little bit of glitter fall-out onto my cheek, so perhaps use a base or glitter glue if you want to really pack it on.


ColourPop’s supernova shadows are essentially liquid metallic shadows. If you’ve read my past review on them, you’d know I wasn’t a fan as I found it to be a little flaky. This time round, I think the formula has improved, as it didn’t flake at all, but I did wish it looked smoother on the eye. I used Astrology as an eyeliner and it performed really well!


I won’t say much on the super shock highlighter and lux lipsticks, as the formulas are both ones I really enjoy. I was hesitant about getting the Scorpio Moon lipstick as I thought it would be too cool-toned for me, but I was pleasantly surprised and came to really like it.


This is the eye look I created with the palette and supernova shadow in Astrology. I used the libra, the taurus and the sagittarius in the crease; the virgo and the sagittarius in the outer corner; the scorpio and the cancer on the lid; the aquarius and the virgo on the lower lash line, and the pisces in the inner corner. I used the Astrology supernova shadow as an eyeliner and the On the Cusp super shock highlighter on the brow bone.


Here is the full look with the Scorpio Moon lipstick and On the Cusp highlighter on the cheek bones and nose.

I feel like I enjoyed this palette even more than I enjoyed the Dream St palette, and I surprisingly also really loved the lipstick shade too. What are you thoughts on this collection? Do you like the zodiac theme?

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